Free Speech Ireland is an independent organisation that advocates for free speech and free expression.

After the Hate Speech Bill passed the final Dáil stage, Free Speech Ireland brought international attention to the clumsy, overbearing piece of legislation.
  • 5 Reasons “Hate Speech” Laws are a Poisoned Cure

    Churchill famously quipped that democracy is the worst form of government with the exception of all other forms of government. Similarly, I would argue that free speech is the worst form of speech regulation with…

  • FSI & Gript Announce Major Event

    SAT 16 SEP, 12:30 – 17:00 CONCERT HALL, RDS, DUBLIN 4 With the government’s recently published “Hate Speech” Bill proving to be the most controversial piece of legislation in recent Irish history, many are deeply concerned over the state of…

  • Intolerant Ireland: The Cancelling of the THINK LOCAL Festival

    Sarah Hardiman is the spokesperson for “Free Speech Ireland”, a group advocating for the protection of freedom of speech, expression and assembly in Ireland. The past fortnight in Ireland has seen “cancel-culture” reach a new…