Free Speech Campaign Launches in Meath East

Free Speech Ireland Spokesperson Sarah Hardiman has announced a campaign in Meath East to raise awareness of the threat the proposed Hate Speech and Hate Crime Bill poses to Freedom of speech.

Speaking today, Ms. Hardiman said “Less than five years after the Irish people voted to expand freedom of speech in the blasphemy referendum, Minister for Justice Helen McEntee is looking to restrict those freedoms again under the guise of the Hate Speech and Hate Crime Bill. This is an affront to our basic civil liberties and freedoms”

Ms. Hardiman Continued “From a Scottish comedian being arrested in 2018 for teaching his dog to raise its paw to the command “Sieg Heil” to a Canadian man being jailed for calling his biologically female child his daughter, wherever hate speech legislation has been implemented, it has been abused. The potential for Hate Speech legislation to be used as a baton against political opponents is also significant. In the past few years alone both French and Dutch politicians have had cases taken against them on the grounds of hate speech. Already in Ireland politicians have signalled their interest in using this legislation to censor political opponents” 

Speaking on March 9th, during a Dáil debate on a European commission proposal regarding hate speech, Fianna Fáil TD Cathal Crowe said of a minor Irish political party:

“If its members believe they have a right to speech, they will have less of a right to make their statements when we sign up to this [European Commission proposal], because any form of rallying people or inciting hatred in that regard will be illegal,”

“This cuts to the very heart of our democracy. Dáil privileges protect the freedom of speech of politicians. Yet the government is trying to take away the very same right from the Irish people. As this government staggers from crisis to crisis, we cannot allow it to curtail our right to freedom of speech. Free Speech Ireland recognises this as one of the greatest threats to the civil liberties of the Irish people in the history of the state. Because of this, we are committed to leafleting Meath East to raise awareness of the threat that this poses to our democracy.”    Concluded Ms. Sarah Hardiman.



Protect Your Human Rights from Justice Minister Helen McEntee

Justice Minister Helen McEntee without mandate is attempting to introduce legislation that will patently undermine the fundamental right of speech in Ireland.

The Incitement to Hatred and Hate Crime Bill – the Hate Speech and Hate Crime Bill is currently at the final drafting stage and is scheduled to be introduced in the autumn when completed.

The purported aim of the legislation is to tackle hateful speech, however it is extreme in measure, poorly defined, and could potentially be used to prosecute minority opinion in Ireland.

A failed policy in the UK, this will empower Gardaí to pursue and prosecute any statement perceived to be prejudiced.

This is a waste of valuable Garda time and resources and contrary to your constitutional freedoms.

As recently as 2018 we affirmed the right to free speech in the Blasphemy Referendum. This move is a step backward to an Ireland none of us want.

Furthermore, it is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that freedom of speech is a human right.

So called Hate Speech laws are a savage hypocrisy: they would do more to divide communities in Ireland by highlighting that they are different and thus should be treated differently under the law.

Free Speech Ireland is an organisation that will fight against these new excessive laws and is appealing to McEntee to reverse these plans.

The Incitement to Hatred and Crime Bill is an affront to Irish democracy and must be stopped.

Contact your local TD. Details of which can be found on